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// | Blood transfusions may cut risk of ‘silent’ stroke in kids with sickle cell//

A study has found that children who get monthly blood infusions ae less likely to suffer another attack.

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// | Breast reconstruction after mastectomy: yes or no?//

A large number of women are choosing not to have breast reconstruction after undergoing a mastectomy.

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// | Early, heavy pot use tied to later-life disability//

A Swedish study found that pot use in adolescence may lead to disability in later life.

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// | White women more likely to seek fertility treatment//

White, heterosexual women are the prime recipients of infertility treatments, more than minority lesbian and bisexual women.

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// | Seals may offer insights into TB//

Seals and sea lions may have played a role in the global spread of tuberculosis a long time ago.

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// Greatist Workout of the Day: Thursday, August 21st//

Greatist Workout of the Day: Mountain Climbers

This series of GWODs was designed especially for Greatist by Bodeefit. For more information about the exercises in this workout, or to see video demos of each movement, follow the links below the graphic. Be sure to note the results of your workout so you can track your progress as you go.

Before you tackle this killer workout, try this quick and effective full-body warm-up designed by Bodeefit. It’s just five simple moves but hits every major muscle group and gets your heart pumping.

Greatist Workout of the Day: The Wildcat

The Wildcat

Going as fast as is safely possible, complete 5 rounds of the following circuit.

20 Jumping Squats
25 Mountain Climbers (per side)
50-ft. Bear Crawl

Want to kick the intensity up a notch? Wear a weight vest!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a totally new (but equally awesome) GWOD!


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// | Deadliest melanomas usually found on head and neck//

Researchers have found that the most dangerous skin cancers usually occur on the head and neck of older men and are colourless, making them harder to detect.

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// | Drug blocks Ebola-like virus in monkey tests//

An experimental drug treatment can help monkeys survive an otherwise deadly infection with a tropical virus called Marburg, which is similar to Ebola, researchers said Wednesday.

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// | Nurse arrested for stealing penises//

A Croatian nurse has been nicknamed “The Penis Collector” after he was found to have stolen numerous genitalia from a hospital morgue.

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// | Colds and flu can cause stroke in kids//

A simple cold or flu may result in a stroke for kids due to inflammation of the arteries, researchers say.

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